Management Advisory

Management Advisory - BRL can help you on how to start up a professional procurement department, setting the right processes/team and optimizing on hands-on tasks.


Furthermore, assist on negotiating better conditions on agreements and how to accelerate on savings by creating a strong pipeline.


Focus is on accelerating optimization and value, resulting in big savings and performance.


Can also fill out Interim Procurement Director positions or assist in finding the right candidate for your further growth.

“We are in a time where most companies work professionally with procurement. The challenge, however, is that in order to remain competitive, continuous optimization must be established even after the low-hanging fruits have been picked. There is a need to create a more robust pipeline and processes that create additional value for businesses. In addition, it is harder than ever to attract new and skilled employees in procurement: Qualified employees have become a scarce commodity as demand has risen sharply in recent years.”   Bettina Rønn Laugesen